Scans (Stills)

2016 – Ongoing

In a broader context, this project challenges the idea of machines being mere tools to accomplish tasks, the search for the devices’ inner voice and the creative potential behind the artifacts or glitches in digital art. After experimenting with various methods I started using flatbed scanners as the main tool for my creative process, the particularities of the device brought different challenges and opportunities at the time of making images.

SCANS deals with the collaboration that exists between me and the scanner in the development of this piece, the artist and the device working together and responding to each others inputs, identifying the scanner’s limitations as potential advantages and the device’s output as pieces of an abstract sequence of motion images.

For this iteration, I create abstract images using a conventional flatbed scanner. As the group of images is intended to be displayed as individual pieces, the focus of their creative process is centered on the material aspect of the elements involved in the scanning process.